August 4, 2011

I have good news to share,

A month ago, I received the government's decision. They've lifted the ban on the word "topless", they've granted permission to use it in a fully registered company name.

This path to acceptance, sprung from an idea born in mirth, received with unexpected resistance, and cared for with dignity, signals that we have amongst us men who can listen to reason; if only we talk with reason.

The news came with a caveat; the government insists that we accent the E. That we give the illusion that it is French. It's a petty obligation that somewhat diminishes the acceptance, but I don't want to let the battle against pettiness take much away from this happy moment. Right now, there is a victory to think about. A win, I think, for something larger than my personal desire.

I'm pleased, knowing that something has been achieved in the light of bringing dignity to an idea that celebrates our humanity. And I'm on my way into the city to deposit the same application for the third and final time... with the calm confidence that comes knowing an agreement has been born.

There are many who helped me along this road. I had expert, caring legal assistance, and many acknowledgments that there is no dishonor with the notion of bare breasts, female or male. The people who helped know who they are, but they may not understand what it meant to me... an idea that lives in only one heart does not live forever, and I'm glad that you were patient in listening and encouraging. Thank you for helping me throw open some curtains.


I leave the history of this adventure here...

I've tried to register the name "Topless Montreal" twice with the government of Quebec.

I've been refused twice:
          Jan 21st, 2010
          Dec 2nd, 2010

The Business Registry had no trouble accepting a request from "Fuck Art Let's Kill"... and they say that my choice of name evokes an immoral, obscene or offensive notion!! Go figure?

I'm asking them to reconsider:
          Jan 21st, 2011 - Letter of Contestation

They're not being professional about this at all.
They sent a letter in response 10 days after they received mine... but they sent it to my neighbour Norma.
She promptly did the right thing and sent it back, labelled "Wrong address".
16 weeks later, they let my Ombudsman see a copy of it.
How come they didn't resend it to me? They have my address on file... I also printed it clearly on the letter that I sent them.
          June 1st, 2011 (aka Feb 2nd, 2011) - REQ advises that case has gone to their legal department
          June 1st, 2011 - Ombudsman forwards mail from the REQ

Let's see how my local Provincial Minister can help me bring this to the attention of the correct ministry:
          June 1st, 2011 - Letter to my MNA asking for assistance with REQ misconduct

And, finally, some reason:
          July 7th, 2011 - Legal Department gives the green light to register